Fleet Saver Update

December, 2021

Dear Fleet Saver Customer,

Fleet Saver has decided to exit the CNG fueling business. On December 31st, 2021, you will receive your last bill.

We continue to support and believe that a nationwide CNG fuel network is essential in the decarbonization transition in North America. The Lancer Energy team, which worked alongside Fleet Saver, continues to serve the transportation industry, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG, LNG, RNG) industry, the emerging hydrogen industry, and growing advanced fuels technologies and equipment markets. Lancer Energy's expertise in advanced fueling stations, CNG and Hydrogen vehicles, provide fleets and advanced fueling operators a turnkey partner for planning, permitting, engineering, procurement, construction, repairs, maintenance, servicing, inspections, safety, and custom CNG, LNG, RNG and Hydrogen solutions.

Fleet Saver would like to thank you for your support as a customer and would like to also thank our partner Dominion Energy for all that they have helped us accomplish.

Thank you.