Control Costs With a Fixed-Price Fueling Contract

Fleet Saver’s fixed-price contract rate is based on the following factors

  • Contract Length (1–5 Years terms)
  • Monthly CNG Usage
  • CNG Vehicle Leases
  • Taxability Status

2020 Projected
Price Per Gallon

█ $2.362 – Utah Diesel Avg
█ $1.959 – Utah Public CNG Avg
█ $1.799 – Fleet Saver’s Max Rate

Fuel Savings Chart

An Expanding Network of CNG Fueling Stations

Drivers need easy access to fuel up. That is why we’ve partnered with Dominion Energy to expand our CNG fueling station network. To make it even easier, we can install fueling equipment right in the fleet yard while providing maintenance and service that keep trucks running day and night.

Station Locations
Dominion Energy


Lancer Energy Dominion Energy

Build Goodwill
in the Communities You Serve

Improve Local Air Quality

Up to 90% Reduction in NOx Emissions (no more diesel smell)

Reduce Noise Pollution

On average, CNG engines are 10 decibels quieter than diesel, great for the community and your drivers

Meet Environmental Goals

Meet/exceed city, state, and company sustainability goals and standards

New CNG Engine Technology

CNG engine technology has come a long way in the last decade with Cummins leading the way. Cummins’ newest CNG engines meet or exceed the performance of competing diesel and gasoline systems. CNG/RNG customers see reduced downtime, lower O&M costs and increased reliability no matter your type of vehicle. Your drivers will experience no reduction in power or performance.

New CNG Engine

Save Money Breath Easy

CNG at a Discount Price. Reduced emissions versus diesel and gasoline. Serving CNG fleets and CNG commuters.

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